Together, we can move mountains.

(Unless you want some trees out of the way. We can move those too.)

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Together, we can move mountains.

(Unless you just want some trees out of the way. We can move those too.) 


Great Communication. Quality Work.


Went above and beyond, did a bit extra not adding it to the price. Wonderful to deal with. I cannot say enough. A++

- Joshua S.

Abernathy Landworks has experience clearing land with varying different terrain and big trees. They do a great job, great loggers.

- Tim M.

A fantastic person to work with, very reasonable, responsible, I would recommend him to anyone.

- Melynn S.

At Abernathy Landworks, we provide quality land clearing services including: Logging, brush burning, stump removal, and a professional understanding and insight of the timber market and the harvest of trees as telephone poles. If you are not sure what you need to do to get the results you want, we will help you figure it out. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective, or a professional opinion to decide what to do, and we would be glad to walk you through your options. 

Excavation Services Brunswick Counties NC


We will work on your behalf as the timber expert, to get you the most out of your trees. We will harvest, and value your timber at industry specifications, whether that be logs, or poles. Don't harvest trees without getting a proper understanding of what they're worth. We will ensure that they are properly valued, professionally cut and sold to produce a profit for you!

Tree Removal Brunswick Counties NC


We will remove any tree, or any stump, in any location. Safely removing trees, or stumps that stand in your way, or that pose a threat to a structure on your property. Give us a call, we’d be glad to come out and take a look!

Land Clearing Brunswick Counties NC


We are experts at land clearing and can help you plan ahead and remove anything that is in your way. Whether you have a small brush removal or large-scale project we can help, both with removal, and with disposal!

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We’re a new company with the drive to succeed. We have the experience, work ethic, and raw determination to back us up. 

Flint Abernathy, Founder

When you hire Abernathy Landworks you will be working directly with Flint. Flint can help you plan and execute any type of land works project. With over 15 years of experience operating heavy equipment and falling trees, you can rest assured that your project will get done safely and on time, and on budget.  


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